Tumpeng rice

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Hello Stemians,

TUMPENG RICE is a way of serving rice which is cone shaped and arranged together with side dishes; because it's also called 'tumpeng rice'. Processed rice that is used is generally in the form of yellow rice, although it is often also used plain white rice or nasi uduk. This method of serving rice is Javanese or a Javanese Betawi community and is usually made when festivities or celebrations of important events. Nevertheless, the people of Indonesia are familiar with this activity in general. Source




Photo taken with MI4 my smartphone camera.

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@harferri very interesting post, TUMPENG RICE a new way to serve rice hahahaha sometimes one stays locked in their typical customs that sees something new and is surprised

Looks interesting.

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Thank you


Ur welcome

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Very delicious-food, can I order it from you?😘


Delicious YES, Order NO buat Eaten YESYES


Hahaha,,your is stingy..😛

Meunyo lon pugot nasi tumpeng nyan lagak lom,, haha


Neukirem keuno saboh hai

@mukhtarilyas, walaupun asalnya dari Betawi tapi sudah menjadi khas Nusantara bang @harferri. Sukses selalu


Benar sekali pak @mukhtarilyas, sukses juga buat bapak