Cheesy Creamy Potato Gratin

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Believe it or not, I use wok so much in my life for mainly cooking Chinese that I rarely use (or should I say I am lazy) the big oven at my kitchen. In fact, I use the toaster oven more for simple toasting the bread, or make bread pizza, stuff like that.

The boys were craving for non-Chinese food, that means usually they craved for pizza or anything with cheese. Yes, they are cheese lovers like their dad! I have alot of potatoes left, so this called for...

Potato Gratin



It was a last minute decision so I used whatever I had.

  1. 4 Potatoes
  2. 1 tablespoon butter
  3. Garlic and oil
  4. Salt and pepper
  5. Processed block cheese
  6. Milk powder make into half cup milk

Because I did it in small batch, I was lazy to take out the bigger oven, hence I used the toaster oven. My version of doing it this way had to steam the potatoes first to cook them abit aka soften them.


Firstly, I sliced the potatoes and steamed them for 20 minutes. While steaming, in another pot, I made garlic oil with just little bit of oil because there would be butter later as well. The garlic oil wouls enhance the fragrant of the whole potato gratin. After the potatoes were softened but not too mushy, still in shape, I added in melted butter and garlic oil into the potatoes. Mixed them abit.

Then, I arrange the potatoes into the aluminion foil container, layering with slices of processed block cheese. When finishing the last layer of potato, poured in the milk.


Then last later I use their favourite cheddar slices. Put it into the oven, turned the timer to 30 minutes.


Ops. Burnt cheese!

But, isn't burnt cheese cake a hype during this lockdown! I saw viral videos and them and my friends were trying them and mostly became professional baker in a night. I, on the contrary, do not have the baker's gene. Okay, so this will be burnt potato gratin. 😋


But, surprisingly, the potato gratin taste heavenly. The boys swiped them clean fast! They were happy they got to eat something non-Chinese. My heart was satisfied too when I watched them eat happily.


Super Cheesy Creamy Potato Gratin



What's your food for the day?

💗Love from me💗


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