Instant fried noodles


Hello friend, this afternoon I was enjoying instant fried noodles that I made myself. I fell asleep from the noon, when I woke up I felt my stomach getting hungry. And I saw that there were still packages of instant fried noodles in the kitchen. Finally I cooked it to get rid of my hunger.


The instant fried noodles that I eat taste very spicy, I don't usually buy these instant fried noodles. But I at that time, I wanted to try the instant fried noodles the latest from the noodle products that I often consume. Even though it tastes spicy, because I was hungry I finally tried to finish it too.

The process of cooking fried instant noodles is not difficult, we only need to heat the water and after boiling water we add instant fried noodles. After three minutes instant fried noodles can be eaten after removing the water and mixing the spices from the instant fried noodles. Here are some pictures of the instant noodles I eat. Hopefully you like it.





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Hello brother.. Mmm seems yummy fried noodle.


yes, make it yourself .... thank you for the comments @rikaz87


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Mantap 😀


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thanks boomerang

Hi friend. Noodles look even very appetizing.

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Hello brother.. Mmm seems yummy fried noodle.

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