Traditional cake food


Hello friend ... Just now, I bought one of the traditional cake foods. The cake I bought is one of my child's favorite cakes. The name of the cake is Martabak cake and Pancung cake. Many traditional cakes are sold on the roadside in my city, one of them is the cake that

The cake that I bought, began to be sold in the afternoon until evening. Martabak cakes and pancung cakes are usually sold using a wheelbarrow. And these two cakes are indeed sold in one package, but that doesn't mean we can't buy one of them.
The martabak cake I bought is a mixture of beans and chocolate. Not only chocolate and peanuts, there are also many other flavors. But because my child really likes the taste of peanuts and chocolate, so I bought it with that flavor.

Besides buying chocolate and peanut flavored martabak, I also bought another cake, which is pancung cake. If pancung cake is my favorite food. Pancung cake made from coconut, it tastes very delicious and sweet. The process of cooking the cake is not long, it only takes five minutes. Both cakes are inexpensive and very affordable. Although the price is cheap but the taste and delicacy are not inferior to the cakes sold at the outlet. Hopefully you like it.

Martabak Cake

Pancung Cake


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