Steem Food of The Day 'Noddle Soup'

2년 전

Oh sweet it is! I love food. Do you love food my steemit friends.
One of my favourite food when I was on set working with mindstorm creations in our capital town accra Ghana.
It was prepared with
*Onion and onion leaves
*Water(number one ingredient,lol)
*Maggi(special and secret ingredient)

My favourite part is it was prepared by the ceo of the production and the director himself Chef Simon. I love my pap he is just a great cooker.

      *Food Quote Of The Day*

'We eat to live but we dont live to eat'
Jac Oskele thoughts

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talking about food whats your thought abot this Nierian jellof VS Ghana jellof ???


Ghana Jollof hands down😂😂

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