Cooking Recipes: Avocado and Egg Open Sandwich

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Hello fellow Steemians, how's everyone doing today? Good, I hope. Now, I love sandwiches. They are easy to make, most take a short time to prepare, and you can use anything you fancy as filling! So, what do you say, shall we make ourselves an avocado and egg open sandwich today? Awesome!

Avocado sandwich.jpeg

Here's what you will need:

. Two medium eggs
. One ripe avocado
. Two slices of rye bread (toasted if you like)
. Black pepper to taste
. Squeezed juice from one lime (optional)

And now for the procedure

. Boil water in a medium pan and add the eggs. Hard boil them for about 8 minutes.
. Cut the avocado in half and spoon the flesh into a bowl. Add the lime juice and mash.
. Place the cooked eggs in or run under cold water for 2 minutes before shelling. Cut them into half or thin slices.
. Spread the rye bread with the avocado mash and place the egg slices on top.
. Season with black pepper and serve.

Like I mentioned before, you can add other fillings of your preference and make an even more satisfying sandwich. Moreover, as this is meant to serve one, increase the ingredients proportionately to cater for more servings. Enjoy dear ones!

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good recipe avocado with egg 😍

Mmmmm yum yum!! Love the open sarnie style.Avacodo with crushed black pepper and eggs.Classic combination.The rye bread seals it off!

I like it.

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I love a sandwich with black bread and an avocado, which is sprinkled with large salt