Halo-Halosarry ๐Ÿ˜…

We've tried a lot of halo-halo in Lapu-Lapu. This one is added on the bag. If you're from Opon, I bet you've been in Tamiya, Basak and in Metro Fresh, there is a store named "Manobis" there which they offer a great menu for halo-halo.

To celebrate our 11th month with @adeline24, we tried to treat ourselves for a series of efforts to get extra income aside from our work. Well, I have been hooked to @epicdice so I didn't withdrew some of my earnings here.

Definitely a great one! I would love to recommend that and I think you'll love it too. Though its a bit higher in price (Php. 79), it is also very competitive when it comes to taste.

They also have a deck view on top which will really add a great experience when eating.
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Mukhang masarap talaga kabayan. Napapalapit na ang pagbabalik ng aking paligsahan, stay tuned. Mas pinaigting na prizes! :)


Sige kabayan salamat sa info.. Excited na naman ako sa bawat araw na darating maraming salamat kabayan..

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