Trump, bring giant cue cards when you debate Biden. When they mute you, pull out your signs, it can say Hunter Laptop. It can have questions on them, keywords, hashtags for Twitter, facts, statistics, numbers, history, etc.


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2020-10-21 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-21 - Wednesday
Published in October of 2020

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American Got Talent

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Banned News

Information You Can Gobble: We Are The News

Oatmeal English

Learn English You Can Eat: Communication is Fundamental

@Tom Mashberg i remember living in vietnam and it can ebtough to translate vietnamese idioms into english idioms but not impossible

Oatmeal High Council

Telegram Chat | Phone App Version | Web Browser Version

What happened to my Telegram channel?

Oh, I found it.

What would you do in the short-run as opposed to long-term ideals? Progress is generally attained gradually in regards to certain things.

Have you not seen deregulation?

You've not seen what has been happening since 2017.

The problem is in regards to the infiltration. Sadly, people conflate what Americans call, allegedly, "Republicans and Democrats," with evil. The real war is not between the right and left, the blue and the red, but actually between the up and down, the north and the south, right and wrong, black and white.

Oatmeal Health

You Are What You Eat: Natural Remedies

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The Pope sucks, pun intended.

Twitter changed UI so you have to click retweet twice to retweet. Twitter sucks like the Pope, pun intended. 11:17 AM.

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​@Her Shadow, I can, and i can show you how to share comments, easy, copy and paste the comments plus the links of the YouTube comments, and I do that on my blog and you can Google comments

​@Her Shadow, YT is the same as Twitter and Facebook in so many ways, including all 3 have videos

@Sebastian Mejer Humans already got this, for example, Trump means Orange Man Bad to some people and Jesus to other people and so on and so forth.



Wake Up

12:00 AM - INFOWARS THE ALEX JONES SHOW🌟10/20/2020🌟{{{WAKE UP}}}🌟

Trump, bring giant cue cards when you debate Biden. When they mute you, pull out your signs, it can say Hunter Laptop. It can have questions on them, keywords, hashtags for Twitter, facts, statistics, numbers, history, etc.

In China, bad people boil children in bowls.

They cook little ten year old girls in bowls.

And Hunter Biden rape little girls.

Antifa, eat your heart out.

In America, on video, in Boston, an Antifa man eats a heart symbolic of Trump.

Biden, in government for 5 decades, compromised by 5 to 10 countries.

Trump has been winning super bowls, to use a sport anaology, why would you vote for Biden who has been helping China win super bowls?

The 100

2020-10-21 - Tuesday - 01:50 AM - 02:32 AM - The 100 710

Mother saves the daughter

2020-10-21 - Tuesday - 02:35 AM - 03:17 AM - The 100 711

For All Mankind

That is what they say

Bellamy lives but betrays Clark for the Shepherd.

Mark Dice

09:55 AM - Why They’re Trying To Silence Us

Tila was famous especially as early as 2006 thanks to MySpace. I remember that. I became her friend probably as early as 2006.

As of like 2020, Facebook and Google account for 25 percent of the total spending for advertisement globally both online and offline it appears for this current year or possible of all time.

Wikipedia censorship is bad. They will lie about people. For example, they said that Paul Joseph Watson is far right which is code for being KKK or for being terrorists to distract from Soros funded Antifa, BLM, and other gangs. Wikipedia refuse to retract and fix these errors and then people try to literally kill those who are called far left like Paul who are not. And what is far right? That is a made up term like conspiracy theory was made up by bad people to trick people in the 1960's from not looking at JFK. So, they actually stop people from being able to do banking, to taking out loans to buy cars, houses, etc.

Terminal Montage

11:28 AM - Something About The Photon Aerospace Control Engineer (Loud Sound and Light Sensitivity Warning)👨‍🚀👻

2 players Pac-Man

Is this if Pac-Man was real kind of video?

Ms Pac Man Galaga reunion

Pac-Man and Dead Space hybrid



09:48 AM - 3 packs of regular plain oatmeal under hot water plus brown sugar. No coffee at the moment. Worked on the chicken thing all day from like noon until 5 PM. Made a patty sandwich for lunch around like noon. Worked on the frame for a third roof section. It is good to talk about dreams. We talked a bit about that. Imagine cars. A van. Going away. Saving a rock. Drifting away. I mentioned my dreams when I was a kid where I would fall off my bike and off the road. I would get off the path. Many of my dreams have been not vivid which is not to be confused with nightmares and dark dreams.


05:00 PM - Clam chowder which I didn't know know what clams were as kids thinking it was vegetables or something. Oh, remember independence day, the fireworks, the pot cooking on the hollowed log. We had soup, clams, oysters. It was good. 2 Chronicles.I got a new hammer as I came back home around 8 PM to 9 PM. The universal power adapter didn't work and forgot to bring my power cord for my laptop. Turned on my computer. Been working on getting my PC updated and ready to go the past several hours into Thursday morning, 2 AM. Web browser bookmark sync. Programs. Upgrading, updating, etc, Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Still having problems. Manually copied the bookmarks over but wasn't able to get the passwords.

Orange Man Bad

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