4년 전

Lunch, pumpkin, tomatoes, black tomatoes stuffed with onions grilled meats and rice, very thin pieces of beef fillet stuffed with provolone cheese thirty different loaf of bread, juice and two kinds of sesame and sesame cream.

Cockroach Black chocolate ice cream with sugar-free tops of black velvet cake and caramelised apples with honey and cinnamon and whip cream

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Grateful every day Live with sincerity and patient without burden
Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim ..
Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ..

The falling leaf never hates the wind,
Breaking waves never hate the ocean ..
I started my poem with speech

Bismillah ..
On this third night
I should have been in disguise for the Owner of love
By squinting my fingers over my laptop keyboard
Recruit a poem for a special greeting ..
I started Praise and thank you for ALLAH SWT and prophet
And for both my Tufts
Is the best treasure I have at all times

While the soul and body are being tested
Let's go, I'm sincerely this
Hopefully I do not lose direction
Stand up .. always straight in your way ..
Now right on Augus 10, 2017 is my 24 year old
The depths of the ocean but not my love for you Father and Mother,
High heaven but not as high as Love and my gratitude to You

Very tasty and delicious food. I would love to eat it