4년 전

For heels
5 links (shake separately, separately in white)
3 tablespoons sugar to the yellow
And a little salt in the white
Then join and add 100 ml hoplla (without waving)
5 tablespoons of crushed nuts
10 tablespoons flour
And 1 baking powder (peciva)
Fifth baking in 180 degrees for 40 - 45 minutes
Fifth after being chilled is expected in the form as we wish to give the cake
Petat are cut (just thin layer) with chocolate cream mixed with little sweet hop
Then put the cream:
This pie has two creams (filla)
The man is spicy (mascarpone 250 gr with 2 ice cream with strawberry flavor and half a glass of milk)
Other creams
Mascarpone 250 gr with 2 ice cream bags with hazelnut and half cups of milk
The cake is tinted with 50gr of creamy margarine cream, 5 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 5 sweet hop sprouts.
Chocolate brown granite (milka) crushed.

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