Potatoes in vegetable baked in olive oil mixed with chicken mousse and never gooseberries

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Potatoes 1 purée 1 sew 2 peppers 2 puddles and grate them all and bake in a baking tray in olive oil, which is mixed with blackberries and blackberries and kinds of vegetables that you and I only have a photographer I used the same bon that you can as you wish. It is the yarn with scent and spread over potatoes and vegetables and good hand cream on the skirt 2 glasses of water in 200grad with a foil wrapped until it is boiled in the bottom of the leaf and some 15 to 20 minutes is left in the furnace ....

He sits in the flesh and marinates with blackberries and olive oil, and slides well on both ends in that fat of meat, throws a spoonful of flour, which he slams as he goes to Gets brown coat and pours 150 ml Hoppla and some 250 to 300 ml Milk bunches of noodles in the end vegetal black pepper or oregano little muscat in Albanian is (arremyshk) and black mullet





Here's the story I used to be
How can you use what you have

Very eye-catching! These potatoes and peppers, and all other procedures are done in the oven

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Very appetizing.)))