Elotes : Mexican Chili Cheese Corn

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Yesterday I posted about grilled corn, someone scolded me for not mentioning Mexican street corn. To be honest I was told about it by my brother a few months back, they serve it on food trucks in NY, I have not tasted it myself, but he says it's an awesome product. Here in Ohio this recipe has not made it to the streets yet, we still have the old fashioned grilled corn.

This is a video by Serious Eats on how to make Mexican Elotes:

Now how to make this at home?

To make 6 cups of corn you will need:

  • 4 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
  • 4 Tablespoons Creme Fraîche ( It's the mexican version of sour cream, if you can not find it, just mix heavy cream and buttermilk)
  • 1/2 tsp Chilli Powder
  • 1/2 cup of Cotija Cheese, you can substitute Queso Blanco, or Goat Cheese.
  • 1 lime

Rub hot corn with a wedge of lime, spread creme, mayo, a decent coat of cheese then sprinkle some chilli powder and salt all over. The mayo and creme help the grated cheese stick to the cup. My brother adds melted butter as well so be creative you can also choose your favorite cheese.

This video show how it's served on a mexican street corner:

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lol... ah, i actually cracked myself up with that one (-: ... but the recipe does look tasty! peace


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I think that is a unique selling feature we should add when we are advertising Steemit haha
I wonder how much is generated from purely street food in Mexico


Food is very cheap in Mexico for example here in Brownsville TX the average price for an elote is $3.00 or $2.00 in a cup. In Mexico it's about .75 and they don't serve it in a cup in Mexico

very tasty in appearance.


Yes looks delicious


yeh right

Maxican food always give me pleasure:-)


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Better than shawrma?

Going to give that a try, usually just load the corn up with butter salt and pepper

Wow, I love to that spicy chili corn, bored with sweet corn.

I'm Mexican and I approve! Also made my mouth water a bit. Y'all should try this if you haven't! You can also add melted cheese on top of the corn, literally food porn.


literally food porn
Literally corn porn - FTFY :D

It looks so delicious and thank you for recipe. I want to make but I'm not sure can I this groceries actually find in my country to buy or maybe I just don't understand those weird names of groceries. But it's 4 a.m. and I am pretty hungry because of your post. :D Poor Croatia, poor me... i just want that corn. :D


you can substitute most of the ingredients that you can not find locally. I would guess you would have issues finding the creme or the cheese, but you can use any hard cheese you like even feta cheese. as for the cream it's the equivalent of sour cream, if you can not find it just use melted butter and any soft cheese.


Oh, thank you. I'll try make something like that and post it with your name in a few days. I need to be productive for a few hours and I'm thinking about that corn... Cornsomnia (need to wake up soon).

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excellent I like that

Look like so tasty. 👍


chilli cheese corn I think it wll b Delicious. nd I lv spicy

Wow luking delicious.thx fr sharing dis delicious video

i think it's good experience to eat this food

Wow great post! Thanks for sharing, beautiful photos. This food seems very delicious, this also makes my stomach so hungry.This look fun to make. Just upvoted yours check out mine here https://steemit.com/recipes/@beulahlandeu/elderflower-juice

Very testy food.i like it.thanks bro.

My favourite Mexican chilli corn , weekly ones I buy 5 Mexican chilli corn and eat with happy delicious !

@ joseph
I am Mexican and I agree! He made my mouth a little water. If you do not have an account yet, register now! You can also add cheesy cheese to the cheese, literally, food pornography! It's delicious, I'll make for my younger sister

Yummy recepie !!! Thanks to share

wow!!! it's delicious , i will make one for my younger sister

This looks F***ing delicious!!!
In Bulgaria we have something simillar - only grilled corn with parmesan and smoked paprika.

increible¡ se ve sabroso

this is so beautiful wish i can hv some now !!

Bon Apetit! I like lot of cheese.

looks very testy, i want to test......

I've always wanted to have this. Have seen them on tv shows before. Look amazing!!

It looks so tasty! I think it will come very yummy cream, cheese, and chilli, i like the corn 🌽 so much, and the Mexican recipes.

I thought grilled corn was delicious. His is just on another level. I'm salivating just by looking at it haha. I really need to try it one day. I'll try to make it at home but I'll probably mess it up @joseph haha

FIREEEEE!!!! We have these in the street carts downtown =] the best when they are made with culture. Great post =]

wau it was very tasty @joseph

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looks so yummy! I want to visit Mexico for this Chili Cheese Corn

In our town in Philippines, we have a lot of corn but I never taste like this before. I will try this someday..Thanks for this idea.

Thank you so much for sharing this post sir @joseph. It suddenly made me hungry. This food looks delicious. I wanna try making this when I got home ^_^

I love Mexican elotes. I am not from Mexico, but we eat them frequently at home, but with no chili. Tasty!

I am seriously thinking about making this but from the corn I get from Walmart when they occasionally sell it for $0.10 cents an ear.

There are way my African people roast their corn. we don't add any spices , we just roast the corn and eat it with coconut or pear.

  ·  3년 전

Wow ..
I want to try

Very interesting collection of stories! I didn't know about this course:)

wow looks very luxurious and of course very delicious.

damm i need to try this :D

I love all what is grilled!

I love the mexicam food. Nice post @j

Now you really making me hungry my favorite

its so delicious mexican food always be best in the world its so pleasure

wow excellent recipe @joseph I am Mexican and I love elote with Mexican chili, cheese and mayonnaise, great video, nice photos, I crave and I would like to eat one right now, I love it , you're is very hardworking and dedicated, deserve the best, I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! Upvoted, commented and Resteemed :) I follow you!

Whoa that's a lot of mayo! Does cheese and corn go well together though?

That actually looks pretty tasty!! Yum!! 😋

Thanks for the recipes, I'll try it later

Mexican Street Corn, I could eat this stuff all day. All these food posts are making me hungry though. Great Post, thank you.

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LOL, first I thought this is some other kind of corn, with tiny kernels!!

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BRB!! Moving to Mexico just for these cheesy delights!! :)

Yes give it to me... but without the chilli powder :D LOL

Sweet post i see you did the mex corn. Your bro is right.Good job. It is so good too. I wasnt trying to scold you at all. Sorry if it came out that way.

Yeah, I'm Mexican and I can say there's a lot of variations to prepare it but basically that's a good way.
It looks, and it is really tasty!! ♥

Great yummy post congrats 🍾🎊🎈🎉 resteemed and UPVOTED

It's yummiest @joseph. This recepie has made Corn hundred times more tasty .Thanks for sharing it .

Thanks for the recipe, I could add this to my planned street foods business. Corn is abundant here in the Philippines.


Im sorry this shit looks very gross to me. I hear people say its great but I can't get down with it. You can keep that!

oh that looks yummy

Hey thanks for this now I really want to go bbq some of these.I bet the chili is a perfect touch to the mayo feta blind you smother it with.if you have a good hot bed of coals how long do you reckon it takes to grill them up till there nice and chard like that?I enjoyed this post but am now hungry.I followed you please consider following me if you want to thank you for your time in posting this.

Hi,Nice to meet you, ! Welcome to the Steemit , wish you good luck and a Great Post ;

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Soooo tasty! They always sell this in y neighborhood.

Looks so delicious @joseph, upvoted

Taste yummy! I love it.

Im down for one

Thank you all versions of this dish sound interesting, must pass this on to husband ex professional chef who is making enchilladas today!

Honestly those pics and videos, that elote is subpar. I live in Brownsville TX the southern most part of Texas. You want real Mexican food without having to visit Mexico come to this city. I've been to Austin and San Antonio but nothing compares to food from home. Where literally the smell of homemade tortilla's is in the air.

In my travels, I also noticed that kids in Thailand like spicy food, and kids in India love curry. I'm hoping to introduce my son, Hudson, to lots of veggies and spices when he's young. I say that before he's started on solid foods, so it could be easier in theory than practice!

Looks so simple to make, but when you taste mmmm mmmm a miracle in your mouth! Here in my country, instead of eating the corn straight from the cob, the kernels are dipped in butter and cheese, then eaten in a cup. It lacks that Creme Fraîche and citrus-y kick from the lime, but I've seen chili powder being used on a number of occasions.

had this at work one time it was gross lul

it looks very good food menu. i so want to try it..can I taste it? .looks very good .. what is the name of this food😀

look tasty surely gonna try that.

i like this post

Mouth watering !
Looks so much yummy .

this is very nice.

Thanks for sharing. Its delicious.. Wana try this at home as there are lots of corn we produce....