Post work-weekend activities👟


Vegetarian Weekend

Mom had a beyond burger for lunch and vietnamese vegetarian food for dinner.



Some cake at work for a baby shower

Never been a fan of sweet bread and cheese. Choco cake always tastes good though.


Chrysanthemums at home

These have been revived from the dead after i left it out in the sun a few weeks ago. They've been going strong.

On Bitcoin and cryptos

I'm still holding onto my alts even though they've had a hard run against Bitcoin. Shout out to Ethereum, Kyber, and my Hashgraph bags. Still long term on these projects.

Between Algorand and Hashgraph, i think HBars have more relevant partnerships. I did hear that Visa has experimented with the Algorand PoS blockchain.

Blockstack is my small market cap 10xer i'm rooting for as well. Their recent gain of One million users has me questioning though.

Congratulations out there to the people who held Chainlink and Tezos though. I'm hoping Hashgraph can pump just as the ones i just mentioned.



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  ·  작년

I sold a quarter of my chainlink, and regretted the next day. lol. I don't have algorand and tezos yet. Prefer Ethereum as they seem to have more things going on than other platforms

  ·  작년

Chainlink pumped so hard. I want the next chainlink in hbars but i dont know if its gonna be as successful.