COOKED #9: How to make any soup incredible!!!

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Soup is one of my passions. I love soup and all the variety of soups in the world. 

If you have guests and you want to surprise your friends, this easy trick will super impress your friends!!! First you need to make your soup ( anything from pumpkin to broccoli etc. soup is great)

Make some milk/ soymilk/ coconut milk foam with your milk frother.

Buy a milk frother if you don't own one


Fill the soup into a glas and add the milk foam on top of it

2016-09-22 16.58.11
If you are a barista you could make a heart on top of your milk foam

2016-09-22 16.59.17

Enjoy your delicious cappuccino soup!

2016-09-22 17.02.39

This trick is so simple yet effective. It adds a creamy taste to any soup, and it looks amazing. Everybody will be impressed. A friend of mine working in a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant has taught me this trick, so this one is bulletproof even if you have very critical guests (like your parents or your new girlfriend/boyfriend or your boss)

Do you have other tricks to easily pimp your food? Please comment!!!

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this is really a superb and easy thing you can do !

I love soups, and this looks really great.


it is super neat trick. try it out you will love it!

I'm a massive fan of a bowl of soup is the ultimate comfort food This would be great for special occasions :)


hello karen. even for your daily life. this is something to make you feel happy about your soup ;) its delicious !


I will give it a go, does sound delicious but no dunking bread lol I have no class :)