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Here are some pomegranate photos I took the other day. It was already getting dark, man I can't stand how fast the seasons changed and it gets dark way earlier here in the D now.

So back to the photo, I had to use some artificial continuous lights to capture this without turning my ISO way up high in heaven. To be honest, I am not fan of artificial light, I prefer working with natural light, but sometimes it can save your day.

I really like how both of these photos turned out, couldn't pick just one of them to share haha. What do you think?


Here is some data about the photographs, if you're wondering, and perhaps it will help somebody to get better with their photo craft as well:

Continuous (diffused) light, handheld;
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III;
Lens: Canon EF Zoom 24-105mm F/4.0;
Shutter speed: 1/50 sec;
Aperture: 4;
ISO: 200.

logo by @kookyan

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The truth is I think the pictures were great, it does not look like it was dark, you're good at what you do

I like the pomegranate in my country is common to see it although the truth a few months ago that I do not eat one of these, eating it is a mess hahaha but they are tasty


Thank you @yesslife! It sounds like a lot of foods are hard to come around in Venezuela, you guys should start a community garden!


It is what has been tried to implement lately, having small home gardens with things like aji, paprika, chives, among other things that can be had in small places.

Greetings friend

Awesome. I love Pomegranates... they are so good for you.

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Yup, they are! Perfect fall treat :)

For whatever reason, I keep reading the post title as "Porngate", and think a terrible scandal has happened.


Hahaha, for a second I was like ... "no I couldn't possibly write that" and I had to check haha

I take the powdered version and it’s great for smoothies 🤤

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water kefir!


Water kefir? What's that? I don't think I've heard of it, where I'm from (Eastern Europe) kefir is super popular, I used to buy all the time, don't buy it as much here in the US though haha


It's similar to kombucha but much better tasting and easier to maintain :)


The powered version? Oh my god hahaha I would rather eat it straight up any day!

We used to have a pomegranate tree :) I love them.


My grandma has two actually, super convenient when you want to add a little extra to your food haha

What method do u use to deseed?


I don't do that, I just eat the seeds too :)

Nice close ups of the pomegranate. Seems like using the artificial light was the best way to go, as the photos could have become grainy using a high ISO!

I like both photos but I think my favourite is the second one :)


Thank you lady! I think my favorite is the second one too, although I also like how close I am to my subject in the first photo, you can see the seeds real good hahaha

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Отличные фото! Мне прямо захотелось нарисовать этот гранат:)

The photographs look just as incredible, although it is true that natural light is better. The pomegranate here in Venezuela is very popular but very few people like it for its many seeds, for me it relaxes me from stress, besides it is good for my health.