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The theobromine molecule, is the popular cocoa, is an alkaloid that gives it its particular bitter taste. It was discovered by the Russian chemist Alexander Voskresensky in the year 1841. The word Theobroma comes from the Greek roots theo ("god") and joke ("food"), meaning "food of the gods". The suffix -ina is typical of alkaloids and nitrogen-containing compounds.

Cocoa is a delicacy worldwide, the one produced in Venezuela is the most tasty and aromatic. From the colonial era there were cultivations and in pre-Columbian times it was used as food and worship for the gods. Processed cocoa is known as "chocolate". Chocolate offers many health benefits, including antioxidants, magnesium, iron, is excellent for reducing cholesterol and good for the heart according to

The Venezuelan website * *, identifies three types of cacao: criollo, foreigner and trinitario, the latter being a hybrid of the previous two. The highest quality is the Creole, but its production is less than 10%. You can find many chocolate brands commercially. On this occasion, buy "Chocolate El Rey". Inquiring into its history "Chocolates El Rey" is a Venezuelan company that since its foundation in 1929 has specialized in the manufacture of chocolate of the highest quality, so much that it has been recognized worldwide by the prestigious American guide The Fifty Best.

Own source taken with Sansung Duos

This presentation belongs to the branch of * mass consumption *, being its natural Creole cacao, harvested in farms nationwide. In the case of milk chocolate, it uses cocoa butter. They can be found from presentations for pastries as special reservations

Particularly, I found the dark chocolate of 61.4% of natural Creole cocoa to be excellent. With a strong flavor, its characteristic bitterness of cocoa does not go unnoticed, leaving an excellent sensation. The milk was tasty, it tasted like cocoa, and who does not like strong flavors this is ideal.

Only with this presentation is recognized the excellence of chocolate and because it is recognized worldwide


Tipos de Cacao
Beneficios del chocolate
Chocolates El Rey

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