Awesome Food On The Steem Blockchain " Delicious Miso Ramen "

10일 전

Hello, dear Steemians


Eating like God In Japan

Today we had a delicious Miso Ramen for dinner.
In case you don't know what ramen is, it's Japanese noodles.
Here with a miso base with pork chashu, leek, egg, bean sprouts and bamboo.
Just the right thing for this cold and rainy weather.

If you want to know what will happen here tomorrow then you should

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Thanks :-)

I'm sure this is delicious, because you eat a lot of delicious food.


Thank you.

I am sure to taste that delicious miso Ramen w/ my pretty married girl friend while romancing w/ her on my romantic room in this chilled cold night on the top of silver shining amid lightening cloud nine style:-) I hope you too enjoyed taste of it on your own fantasy style

Its an amazing food item by the Japanese restaurant, enjoy your time with the meal.