🍝 Experiences Berlin- Best Food In Town-"Speisehaus- Update II😋

2년 전

Hello dear Steemains

Eating Like God In Germany

Yesterday I met one of my oldest friends for lunch at the restaurant Speisehaus. The Speisehaus is a really good german restaurant with traditional dishes like grandma has cooked 100 years ago.

As a a little appetizer we ordered 2 Erdinger wheat bears 

and got fresh bread and herb creme which is a gift of the house.

My fried loves the Königsberger Klöpse which are made from calf. They are made with capers and served with potatos and red cabbage.

I have order pork loin wrapped in bacon. In addition there was a shallots sauce with potato gratin, a little sauerkraut and salad.

Conclusion: Really amazing food. The sauerkraut matches unbelievable good with the gratin and pork loin. Both sauce have been dream like. The gratin was from the portion enough but one potato more for the Klöpse that would be great. 

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It's a great thing to met old best friend and share food and bear and retrieving the past ❤
Wonderful pictures then i still learning food photography im a professional on the macro and architectural.

bacon wrapped porkloin? awesome

Wieder klasse "Foodporn"! :-)

Das resteeme ich heute Abend, kurz bevor es bei uns Essen gibt!
Als Appetitanreger sozusagen. Vorher lieber nicht, denn sonst habe ich ja den ganzen Tag Kohldampf!! ;-) ;-) ;-)


Hahaha. Danke dir mein Lieber :-) Wie immer 1 A.

Lovely food and delicious taste make the day in the city tour.

Enjoying years old traditional food is wonderful, cheers.

Wow. Die Gerichte sehen wirklich lecker aus. Auch sehr ansprechend drapiert. Wenns nir halb so gut geschmeckt hat, wie es aussieht, lohnt es sich dorthin zu gehen!


Wow looking delicious

Mmmm! Pork loin and AuGratin potatoes for me please ! I also just did a post on my Sunday Pork Roast dinner , like you, I love it so much ! Looks like you had a delicious meal and with Beer makes it super awesome! Thanks for sharing @lichblick ! Upped and resteemed!😋🍖🍺🍺🍺


You got a visit in return. Thank you.

We had a lovely evening here. Lovely staff, great atmosphere and excellent food. Amazing Königsberger. :)

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Wow yummy food. thanks this post and excellent photography

Boy that looks tasty. If only I could make it to Berlin to have some thanks for sharing

Really good food. This has to make your day just right @lichtblick

Cheers @lichtblick.

So you just enjoyed 100 year old tasty food like your grandma has cooked 🤗 @lichtblick

So yummy food

wow!!!!!!!!!!! this food look so delocious and nutirous. have i a meal with this food!!!!!!!!!!!11

ahh... each dishes seems fresh and super yummy😋
pork loin wrapped in bacon with shallots sauce with potato gratin would be perfect to me... hehe. I spend time half a year in Berlin in these years so definitely want to try this place when I back to Berlin... Thanks for sharing @lichblick... and have a great week^^

This looks so tasty! Hope you had a great time :))

wow das sieht doch mal mega lecker aus. Und dann noch dieses schöne kalte Erdinger dazu...😋

Looks very interesting and delicious too enjoy the day :)

Dann Guten Appetit lieber @lichtblick ;-) Lecker!

It's totally clean and clear that you eat the good recipe food. Looking so delicious and yummy, also colourful, hopefully both of you enjoy very much.

the food was delicious, i like to enjoy it

Mmmhh, das sieht echt super aus. Und erst das Bier, Cheers

this looks very fresh and very tasty food.