[#Cooking Tips] ~ Keep Lettuce Fresh

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No more ocean beasts in your ice chest since you didn't store your veggies legitimately! Before Ben moved in, losing lettuce to the earth of the cooler was constantly one of my greatest sustenance stockpiling sins. Among that, and losing clusters and groups of cilantro – I thought I was simply discarding cash! Be that as it may, when I made sense of how to keep cilantro crisp for a considerable length of time from my mother, Ben demonstrated to me generally accepted methods to keep my lettuce new, as well!

To start with, unwrap your recently acquired lettuce from the store. Unwrap the main leaf of lettuce all things considered and dispose of it. Or on the other hand feed it to your lettuce cherishing Labrador… like Huck.


Next, get a handle on your head of lettuce like you're palming a ball. Fighting the temptation to dunk it into whatever canister is closest. With the stem at the base of the lettuce, utilizing a firm whack, hit the lettuce onto the counter.


Turn the leader of the lettuce around and you should see a couple of splits around the base of the stem and a couple of clears out. Utilizing your fingers, get a handle on around the stem and force – hard.

The stem will turn out and leave each leaf superbly enclosed by a little lettucey ball prepared for your next sandwich.


To keep it crisp in your ice chest, and fight off the ocean beast properties, utilize the paper towel to fold over the leader of the lettuce, and store in your gallon sack. The paper towel will wick away any buildup that will rashly shrivel your lettuce and give you a tragic work area lunch the following day.

You should simply strip back one impeccable lettuce leaf at once for your sandwich and you're prepared to go!


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