Sushi Burrito Recipe - How to Make Sushi

8개월 전

Hey Steemers,
Today I will show you how to make a sushi burrito, to make this recipe you will also need to know how to make sushi rice, here is my sushi rice recipe.

hope you enjoyed this video! please check out my other sushi recipe videos here on @makesushi

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good for you . Congratulations
Always who works deserves more
Thanks .. Great post..


Yummy and testy


indeed it was very tasty!

Good job! Looks great!


food is awesome indeed, what I your favorite food to enjoy?


thank you!

This is so tasty, I want this kind of food in my life. Sushi and burritos are my favorites in life


well now you know how to make them :)

Awesome!!!sushi burrito!It sounds and looks so good.i definitely want to try that .awesome post thank you



Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my sushi burrito video :D

This looks delicious! I'm sure it must be super healthy! And your knife, it cuts so precise, looks very sharp!!! Will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for the recipes!!!!


yes, it is indeed super sharp! the knife is known as a Miyabi.

what a cool idea for sushi 🌯


thank you very much!

wow.! looks like Kimbab (Korean food) . Thanks for the recipe. I'll make it.


cool, I hope your own turns out just like mine did :)

Wow delicious sushi! I wanna make em one day. I love how you specifically narrate the steps makin it so easy to make sushi burrito specially for beginners. And oh! The knife skills. :-) Good job! @makesushi definitely upvoted & followed!


Thank you so much @cooknetell I appreciate your comments :D
also I hope you do give this a try some day :)

Wow this is a new one for me, this looks like something worth trying. Great post brother. :)


definitely give this a try :)

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Awesome!!! tahnk you again @Ajala !

i never had sushi but this looks lovely-going to try this thank you


Awesome! I hope your sushi turns out just as tasty as mine :)

Oh thats a great idea, love it! Very nice and delicious :)
Keep up the good work !


thanks hanen! will do my best to keep at it :)

very beautiful of your food.

Wow, incredible, i’m hungry

Thank you for this video. I love this food

keep the good work continue.

Sushi is a delicious food, My favorite meal, Thank you so much for this beautiful information...

This was sent to me from heaven, I'm willing to do it mentioning that I'm not good at cooking, I hope and it's as easy as you make it look friend

I don`t really want to eat sushi but when saw this video I want to make sushi in my own and try to eat.

looks delicious :D

Such a great recipe and a great food to eat by a family ',,,

I will do it for my girlfriend, I hope it is like

I really wanted to try this because of how good they look but it doesn't live up to the hype.

First it's a very small amount of white rice, despite the fact that it looks perfect. So the net effect is that it feels like you are eating a wrapped salad with the rice being just something apart in your mouth.

Second, the fish in the one I had had previously been frozen. A lot of people would not care and/or would not notice but it's a pet peeve of mine. I find it changes the texture of the fish.

Delicious sushi.. :)


indeed it was delicious sushi


Great 👍

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Looks tasty and delicious. Like your video presentation. ❤

Do you know what else Can i use instead of rice cooker?


I have shown how to make sushi rice in a pot, see my youtube video for that


Okay thanks, i will check it out soon 😃

i like sushi!

Never try this before.

I love your publication, keep that up, friend!


Thank you, @nicolasags14 ! I'm glad you enjoy my posts :D

That sushi looks very delicious.


it was very delicious! will you try making the same sushi

Looks so good :D


indeed it does, will you try making a sushi burrito?

I LOVE Sushi!!

In South Africa it's quite expensive, so it would be cool to be able to make it myself.

Thank you for sharing this is really helpful!

simply delicious

wow very nice i respect you as cook

Se ve muy rico y la preparacion no se ve complicada para los amantes del sushi debe ser una nueva experiencia

WOW! looks so good great work makesushi