I made pakorra's At Aftaar

3년 전

its my second time cooked dish in my life Because i have blessing of elder sister so i rarely cook somthing as per my wish
i am not bieng forced to cook whatever if i want or don't want to cook it as per my wish
So yesterday i cook pakorras for iftaar its potatos pakorra I dont like onions so i dont add them in ingrediants
i just made it with

  • Potatos
  • spinach
  • Gram Flour
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Green chilli

cutting potatos, spinach in small pieces and add cumin, Coriander, gram flous & salt according to tase and add green chillie as per your tatse i dont like tooo much hot green chilli so i add a lillte bit for crunchy taste mix those ingrediants and add a little bit water so it will not be so thick see how its looked after mixing all


and heat up the oil and put the mixture with the help of spoon into oil and met them a little bit brown.


Finally done and serve with ketchup or yougurt whatever you like and i love pakorra so i enjoyed a lot while making and eatting.


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