Homemade Lentil Soup - Family Recipes.

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Hello, Steemians Friends.

Today I want to bring you this delicious food, which is nothing more and nothing less than lentil soup (grains), as some of you know right now eating grains in the country is practically a kind of luxury because when you get it, it's worth about 0.60 SBD.

Then in my house we had a lot of time without eating lentils, but this time the monthly feeding bag brought us lentils instead of faces and well the change was strange but we were happy (or at least me).


My mom naturally makes them with potatoes, carrots and bacon. And they look really divine on you. Now because of my maternal grandmother's upbringing and customs, we added arepa to the soup, as you can see in the pictures, that's roasted arepa already chopped into pieces inside the soup.


It's really good, if you don't add the arepa to the soup, then we'll take a arepa and put butter on it. Everything is very tasty and super powerful if you say that with a soup tureen you are not full it is because you eat too much hehehehehe.


I hope you liked it and I apologize for the photos for the time and because I know that they will whet their appetite, but it is Friday and the body knows it. Greetings steemians. Electronic kisses for everyone.

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Hola Mayvil soy nuevecito en esto. Estoy debutando. No se si estoy votando por tu artículo pero me gustó. Soy vegetariano y las lentejas son un excelente recurso alimenticio. Y preparada como tu dices, mejor. Es tan así que Saul vendió su primogenitura a Jacob por un plato de lentejas. ¿Como te parece?


holaaaaaa, para darle voto tienes que darle a la fecha que esta metida en un circulo, jejejeje bueno por algo será, la comida puede más jejejejeje. Esas lentejas debían saber a Dioses.


Listo mayvil. Me gusta el tema de la comida. Estamos en sintonía. Ok?


que bueno amigo, saludos.

Eso se ve bueno!!!


comamos lentejas =D

Qué rico se ve ese plato de Lentejas con arepa! ñom!! jeje criollitaa!. Así es como se come eso, con su debida arepita bien tostada. (ya quiero preparar de nuevo, HOY comí lentejas! ; ) )...


Criolla 100% jejejejejeje. Comamos lentejas nuevamente =D

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