Hershey's Bought BarkThins & Added Milk

4개월 전

I was losing my post-pregnancy weight at a slow but steady rate, when suddenly and for no apparent reason, I gained 5 lbs that I couldn't shake off. While snacking on chocolate one day....hey I always snack on chocolate that's not why I gained weight, haha .... anyway I read milk on the back of my dairy-free chocolate and my heart skipped a beat.


Not may contain milk for allergen purposes, actually now contains milk. I was really choked because the very last time we stocked up on chocolate, we checked the ingredients list even though it felt silly. But now we've scarfed down a bunch of dairy. This change was so recent, if you look up BarkThins online you'll most likely find the old packaging (see below).

Ingredients list 1.jpg

Above: BEFORE Hershey's acquired Barkthins

Below: AFTER Hershey's acquired BarkThins

New ingredient list.png

Hershey's bought BarkThins and removed the chocolate liquor and added milk fat. Hershey's was very careful to not change the package in any way more than absolutely necessary. Since the product wasn't certified vegan, there were no labels to remove; the fair-trade and Non-GMO labels all stayed. They even sneakily left milk under the heading allergens on the back of the package, so at first glance all the same symbols and words are in the same place on all sides of the packaging, except they took out the word may.


Milk is NOT the best-sourced ingredient possible, so I do NOT feel good eating your chocolate anymore. I won't compromise a dairy-free lifestyle for chocolate. Fuck Hershey's, I'm not buying their chocolate, not even for Halloween!

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