Making & Canning Tomato Sauce for Winter

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13 Filled Jars.JPG

I can! And you can, too; it's easy ;)

1 Harvest.JPG

We had a decent harvest of amish paste tomatoes this year which we supplemented with some heirloom, organic roma tomatoes from the local Farmers Market.

2 Core.JPG

After washing, core and score your tomatoes

3 Score.JPG

4 Blanche.JPG

Blanche and cool them next

5 Cool.JPG

Then the skins should slide right off


7 Peel.JPG

Or you may have to peel them

peeling tomato gif.gif



Blend tomatoes and simmer on the stove

10 Puree.JPG

Sanitize the jars and prepare the lids

11 Sanitize.JPG

Fill jars and pressure cook

12 Pressure Cooking.JPG

Take out to cool and listen for the sound of success

13 Filled Jars.JPG

Any failed jars will have to go in the fridge, but we had a 100% success rate this time, even though it'd been 7 years since we last canned. Old habits die hard ;)


Just needs garlic! Why do they call it canning if it goes into jars? Happy Labour Day :)


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It was an afternoon of work, but you condensed it nicely here. Great photos and writeup :))

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