I love this small shop where I get my fruits and vegetables

5년 전

Today I want to share with you what food I usually buy. This is just what I do and I thought it might be a good thing to share here.

This is a picture of inside the food store I usually go to.

I really like the place. It is a small natural food store.

I like it because here it is all about selling the most natural food for the customer. Instead of food from the supermarket where the main focus is maximizing profit.

And I am more than willing to pay a little more for some natural untreated food!

What I bought today:

Sweet potatoes
Red oniuns
Almond drink (unsweetened)

This adds up to €15,58 or $17,37

I'm not a good cook and I don't like to spend hours prepairing dinner. I always keep it simple and easy. So today I will make some sweet potatoes with brocoli and onions. 

Thanks for stopping by. Cya! :)

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Look pretty good and -more importantly- mostly unprocessed ... ! I find it a bit unnerving how much nicely packed crap you can find in supermarkets these days, so these kind of small shops really are a safe/healthy haven.

Good job man, you got my respect for supporting the small shops."thanks" to the big supermarkets they are having a hard time.


Thanks. They have better quality food than supermarkets so its a no-brainer for me to shop there :)


Yea, so many ppl buy this unhealthy food in supermarkets instead of adding a few $ more and getting the healthy ones. Not only are they healthy but they taste even much better!

Keeping it simple is always the best! I hope your potato dish turns out well.


It did :)

I love everything on that table! Healthy way of living! I changed few years back and love it!

Nice! Lots of veggies and fruit!!
I also keep it as easy as possible with my meals.
I always stir fry.
Just cut everything up and throw it all into a pan.
Usually turns out well :)