~~The way to get relief from gluten~~

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Ghamachi is a very familiar name to us. But many do not accept it as a dermatologist; But glaucoma is a dermatologist. One of the medical sciences is called Millia. The dead skin of the skin and the staph epidermidis, the mouth of the gum gland hidden in the skin with the lymphocytes of the germ cell. During warm weather, sweating happens in the body; But sweat can not come out because the mouthpiece is closed. So the red rash or swollen form of granule. Along with the itching and red granules, they are often irritable and the skin becomes red. Ghamachi is usually more commonly used in areas where folds and cloths are more than those places. Such as neck, shoulders, chest, throat, elbow folding and groin.
According to the World Health Organization, domestic care is more effective than treatment for scarring. Regular showering will be done every day. The body should be as cold as possible and drink plenty of water. Besides, calamins, menthol or tropical steroid cream or lotions can be used. Benefits of using telcum powder, rich in lilacine and trichlasen are also available. Wear loose light dresses in summer and have to stay in cold shade. After bath, try to dry the air in the air instead of dehydration. Lower the oil or lotion in the body. If the problem of scurrilism is long, then the doctor should consult.

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