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Hello steemians. My name is Ntina and I am from Greece.

Our flavour dish in my country ( Greece ) is a soup with fishes and vegetables.
We call it "cacavia".


This food is an excellent source of vitamins and proteins so is ideal for kids.

Our ingredients :

  • Any fish you like. I prefer Haddock, sea bream and barren.


    -Some shrimps. They give great taste and perfume.
    -Potatoes in small pieces.
    -Carrots in small pieces too.
    -Green pumpkins in small pieces.
    -Celery ... in small pieces!
    -And last but not least rice.

Recipe: Do It Yourself


  1. Our first step is to take a bowl and add the rice with water. This is to make the rice softy and it will be ready (cooked) in half time than it needed before.
  2. Now, we start boiling our fishes in a pot filled with water adding just salt.
  3. After we boil our fishes in the salted water, we get them out from our pot (time of cook depends on the weight of our fishes).

  4. We add our vegetables and boil them for 30' adding virgin olive oil and pepper. There is no need to add salt because fishes are already salted from the water plus the water is still the same.
  5. About 10 minutes before the end we then add the rice (without the water) in our pot and let it boil with the vegetables.
  6. When our vegetables are ready we add pieces of the pishes (try not to add the bones in) and it is ready to be served.

Excellent choice for cold winter days!

Variation recipes - Greek mama choice
In Greece at the end of cooking, we like putting a sauce (egg & lemon) in multi (hit them hard and fast) till it get's white colour.

Hope you like this recipe and I am waiting your replies if you cooked it with your photos too!

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