Greek tasty food "papoutsakia - small shoes"

3년 전
in food

Hello friends.
Papoutsakia is a healthy greek food, and it's incredients are:
eggplants, feta (greek cheese), garlic, parsley, tomato, onions, olive oil, origano and love, if you are vegan like me. Otherwise you can put minced meat under cheese. ❤

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Good morning sweetie! Your picture got me hungry 😊😂😄


Hey I thought these are potatoes at first but they're eggplants cool!

The parents of my stepmother came from Smyrni and whatever I learnt of Greek cooking, I learnt from her - the best of the recipes, for me, is the souzoukakia. Luckily I am not a vegan, so I get to eat the best version of the your vegan friends will swear at me and decide I am not civilised.