Pizza is life

2년 전

I came across a Pizza Store yesterday. The store was new to me.
What amazed me is their 16" big pizza.

They have lots of flavor variety.
From Hawaiian which is the all time favorite of kiddos.
All meat for red meat lovers.
Pepperoni for those who want a distinctive taste.
All Veggie for elders and someone whose on diet.
Garlic cheese for garlic lovers!

What I also like about Haven's Pizza is that it offers 1, 2 in 1 flavor, 3 in 1 flavor even 4 in 1 flavor pizza of your choice!

I really enjoyed it! I will definitely recommend Haven's Pizza to my family and friends.

I'm still hype. I can't forget its cheesiness, softness and amazing taste!

Delectable! It set my afternoon good vibes!

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I love pizza. My favorite flavor here in Korea is Combination


Combination, maybe that is what we call Overload here in my country


What I love in your photos is the pizza with different flavors


I love it too, buying 1 pizza and eating different flavors