"Crack" Cookies


That's what my ex-bf used to call these when his brother would make them. In my home we called them Russian tea cakes, and there are a few other names for these kind of cookies too, like Mexican wedding cakes and snowballs. Everyone loved them in my house growing up, but my mom did not make them very often (because they are basically balls of butter and sugar).

If you already have a recipe for these, veganizing these is as simple as switching out traditional butter for nondairy butter like Earth Balance (although I am currently looking for an alternative that doesn't use palm oil...) and using organic powdered sugar (otherwise it is likely to have been filtered with bone char). I used the 5 ingredient recipe from Nora Cooks Vegan that I happened to scroll past on Instagram the night before making these (which is what prompted me to make them the next morning). These have pecans in them and taste amazing; mom used to make them with walnuts which also taste phenomenal, and I bet almonds would taste good too.

Surprisingly, my bf has only eaten two of them and is just kinda "they taste fine" about them, which shocked me because he usually loves any sweets I make, but also pleased me because MORE FOR ME.

Less than a week left in my classes. I still have a lot to do and I am trying to be more responsible about my time management in this last stretch. Today I finished my volunteer hours for a project in my environmental health class and turned in my outline and that is all I am going to work on. Tomorrow I will do some of my evolution work and either finish my environmental health project or do the final (which is online). Sunday I will do whatever I didn't do Saturday for environmental health and that will officially be one class done. For now, I am going to eat more cookies and watch Adventure Time until I can muster up the motivation to take a shower. Goodnight :)

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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Amazingly delicious snack yumyumyum

Oh! my favorites! Glad you see the end in sight for your your heavy work load!