Grilled piri piri potatoes for dinner!!

3년 전
in food

Just had about 3 partially boiled potatoes grilled to perfection with a hint of butter and my new favorite PIRI PIRI SPICE MIX which has changed the game for me forever and it can be used on almost everything as a seasoning and so I use it on almost all my food as a replacement of paprika and salt. It is a good alternative spice and I highly recommend it to all of you guys to try :)
For the grilling purposes i used some butter to caramelise the half boiled potatoes to perfection and let all that piri piri juices flowing on the griller. I was thinking of frying the potatoes at first but I thought why not grill it as it is a better alternative to frying which dampens the nutritional value of any food whatsoever.
It was my first attempt and believe me it was good one.
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See you all very soon :)

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