The restaurant that my father likes to eat.

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The restaurant that my father likes to eat.

In the past, my father had never liked the food in the mall. Whenever I buy food in the mall, my dad never eats with me. I buy food 10 times and then my father will only eat with me 2 times. Because he said it's not tasty. So he doesn't like most of the food in the mall.

But one day I came to buy chicken at this store for the first time. And for the first time I ate chicken at this restaurant too. When the evening of that day, the day I bought chicken at this store for the first time. I bought it with papaya salad for dinner. Because for me, chicken eating with papaya salad is very delicious.

Then brought it to my father to eat too, and my father said it was delicious. And my dad asked where I bought. I told my father that I bought this chicken from the mall. Therefore, my father told me that it is tastier every time I buy food in the mall.

And after that my father asked me to buy chicken from this shop very often. Because he told me it's the only restaurant he likes to eat and it's delicious.

It's really delicious. My father likes. And this time my father told me to buy too hahaha. From people who do not eat food in the mall become people who eat food in the mall almost everyday. Hahaha


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Lol eveyeone has their weak spot I suppose and you clearly found your dads

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