A Little Taste Of India

3년 전

Happy Friday Everyone,

It feels like I have been gone forever! Nevertheless, I am back with some more tasty dishes! I had the pleasure of enjoying some Indian Food, in the picture you see:

-Chicken Tikka Masala
-Lamb Masala
-Vegetable Curry
-Basmati Rice
-Chicken 65

Indian Food is one of my favorite post-workout meals, it leaves you feeling satisfied and it is so delicious!

Reply with your favorite Indian Dishes, I am always up to discuss food!

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Chicken Tikka Masala and Chickpea Curry are my favorite Indian dishes. So satisfying and tasty!

Looks delicious! Had something similar the other day!

maybe i have never eaten indian food, but for me indian food is really good taste good

maybe i have never eaten indian food, but for me indian food is really good taste good

A real yummy. Good luck to you and Love.

Hello friend, excellent that you resume the activity in steemit, welcome. From what you mention about Indian foods, I have tried chicken curry and rice that prepare it in many ways, I love Indian food, because they delight us with unique and unrepeatable flavors, because they use original spices, which when tasting it they give an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Excellent post, again welcome and receive a hug in the distance from Venezuela. @purefood

Hello my friend a pleasure to know again how are you, I tell you that I have not had the pleasure of tasting Indian food but if I have some magic spices, I have seen it in movies and I have read a bit, your food looks Exquisite, I'm happy to hear from you how your studies are going?

It looks delicious friend and the ingredients combine perfect!

Friend, how are you? How do you end up on your trip? It's been a long time since you're seen around here @purefood

wow yummy!

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Well i am from Pakistan and i love these Pakistani dishes
Did you tried any of them?

I love indian food, I was surprised that the place I stayed at in Hong Kong had such a big Indian community and even better that they had tons of really good indian food. I love all the different fried breaded foods they had like Samosas and such! The spicier they are, the better!

That looks delicious @purefood! 😄 I've been hearing about masala from my brother. What a meal to enjoy the oncoming weekend.

Nice to meet you!
Curry in Japan is also a favorite food for many people! !
Someday I want to go to India to eat authentic curry!

I too have never tasted any Indian food, but certainly looks delicious

welcome back... good to see new menu from this blog

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