Sweet Banana Q

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"Banana Q"

Banana Q is one of the most sweet foods that is commonly seen in schools and or public places or in an open area. These kind of food is made from a banana and is being fried in an oil and then the oil is being poured with a sugar so the sugar will be filled to the banana. This is a sweet food that is not just delicious but also nutritious.
Banana is one of the most delicious fruits that has a higher source of potassium. Through this, it will help our body or bones to become strong and will not easily fail or get tired or having a lot of problems in our health.

Location : Tubod, Lanao Del Norte
Camera: Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus

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Now I get another fruit snack on my to-eat-list. Caramel apple and..... Banana Q.


Wow, hehehe thank you @mashimaro777

wow!!! sarap naman peyborit ko yan 😍

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Masarap talaga maam... @zephalexia . Thank you!

Yum! Love the caramelized sugar! 😋😋


Yes, it is really yummy and delicious.. thank you maam @travelsbyblue

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