Tinulang Manok - A Philippines Native Food

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                                                                                                "Tinulang Manok"

Tinulang Manok is on of the bestand delicious native food in the Philippines. Tinulang manok is made up of a "bisayang manok" or traditional chicken that when cooked it gives a very original and delightful taste.
This kind of food is best serve during birthdays and anniversaries. Most of the people kill their chicken and put up a blood of a chicken in their foreheads as a sign that it is their birthday.
You should try to eat this native food, because it really has a delicious taste.

Location : Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Camera : Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus

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ay masarap yan, lalot fresh mga gulay kasama 😍


yes po @zephalexia thanks you so much.