The watermelon is a watery fruit that has amazing benefits to your health.

         Watermelon helps you stay hydrated

Watermelons are 92% water and water helps you keep hydrated.

             Watermelon helps your heart!

Watermelon is good for your heart and can protect your body against heart disease.

             Watermelon is good for your skin!

Watermelons refresh the body body by ridding it of toxins. It also makes less pimples form on the skin by unclogging pores and helps skin look smooth and unaged.

              Watermelon helps your hair

This watery sweet fruit helps your body and even hair in many ways. Watermelon encourages hair growth and healthy scalp. In additoin, it prevents hair loss.

            Don’t go eating to much watermelon

To much of anything is bad. Even fruits and veggies. And just because watermelon is mostly water dosent mean it doesnt have side affects caused by eating to much. Your body may get to many of some healthy chimicals witch can lead to an upset digestive system. It could put to much water in your body. Can cause the liver to swell up and even cause heart problems.

I hoped you learned something about this awesome fruit! if these health beneits sound good, maybe you should get a watermelon the next time you go to the store!

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