Delicious chicken rolls with cheese and vegetables🥦🌯❤️ (recipe)

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Some time ago I cooked chicken rolls with cheese and vegetables for dinner. It was very tasty, so I want to share this recipe with you!


For chicken rolls you need:

1.Two chicken breasts
2.Half of bell pepper
3.Parsley and dill (50 grams)
4.Brie cheese (100 grams)
5.Regular cheese (50 grams)
6.Olive oil
7.Culinary thread

1.Cut the chicken breast into 6 pieces and beat them off, salt and pepper
2.Finely dice the peppers, cheese, finely chopped herbs and mix together.


3.Put the minced meat and tie the formed roll shape
4.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees


5.Grease a baking sheet with olive oil.
6.Put the rolls and turn on the oven for 25 minutes
7.Take out when a crust has formed

IMG_0160 2.JPG

How to cook broccoli:

1.Bring water to a boil
2.Cut broccoli
3.Put in a steamer, season with salt and cook until tender

IMG_0156 2.jpg

You can present rolls with broccoli, bread and bell peppers as shown in the picture:


Voilà! Your chicken rolls is ready! Bon appétit :))

Hope you like my photos and recipe!

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

With best wishes!

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