How do you like papaya ......

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Papaya is a delicious yellow or almost orange fruit that has not eaten it ...

In Venezuela we say lechoza.

We can eat it, such as fruit salad, juices, smoothies, as it is a sweet fruit.

This delicious fruit has many properties:

* It gives us vitamin C, which helps increase our defenses.

* It is an aqueous fruit, due to its high level of water, it is diuretic.

* Contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which help restore the balance of these compounds in the body.

* It can be consumed, in juices, salads and even in sweets.

* It is a fruit that helps improve digestion.

* Due to its vitamin A, C, D content, it helps skin rejuvenation.

* Reduces inflammation of the colon, as it contains papain, which cleanses the colon and reduces any inflammation of the abdomen.

Other tips:

# If we liquefy papaya with some seeds or seeds, it helps our body fight constipation.

# Make a papaya and pineapple smoothie, it helps you lose weight, since both are diuretics.

# A papaya juice, after the meal, helps improve our digestion.

I hope to contribute a little to the health and benefits of natural fruits.

Photos of my property.

I'm raquel del v

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