green tea

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Green Tea health benefits

Medical experts say that green tea is amazing and useful for human body. when it went to begin the process of digestion in the stomach it promote acids to digest foods. according to research it provides EGCG . EGCG is a powerful antibiotic to prevent cancer in the body and oxidants . According to a recent study in Canada women drinking green tea can reduce the risk of breast cancer development, according to research, women are regularly use of green tea, can prevent cancer and large intestine. Green tea is regularly used by 70 thousand Chinese women, it fight against cancer cells specially in stomach disease it is very helpful.
Green tea is not only the ability to digest food, but also good weight loss. A research about 25 thousands of Japanese men and women on experiments proved that green tea drinking a cup daily also prevent from dental disease statement. In green tea are contain more antibiotics which are natural killer of bacteria are making you healthy too. Green tea a help reduce the weight burn fat of heavy weight mens and womens.

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Great tea is very god for health as it has anti oxidants

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