Alive Love Steak



This fat juicy rare grass fed beef did not support factory farming, taxation, big agriculture, or plastic production
It is honored for the life that made it possible - from the cow to the rancher to The Man who cooked it and the real value that went into its creation


It was cooked over fire, intentionally bypassing the matrix energy grid
It was shared in freedom, love, and abundance
while a fire heated a home that's hosting a dozen people in gratitude and appreciation
a home opened to all people to get as much free food as you want or need
More value is created by posting it on the blockchain, letting everyone know how deep and inspiring a magnificent steak can be

Giving thanks feels so great
Thanks to the @gardenofeden for constant reminders, for being so much to be thankful for 🙏🏽

✨💛✨ Sara!

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