Fried Egg Pizza

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Another successful mouthgasm from the @gardenofeden!!!!! This incredible pizza was a massive hit with everyone here.

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We LOVE pizza, and this time of year we have it almost once a week. However we always make brand new recipes, truly one of a kind and never before seen mouthgasmic masterpiece pizzas using whatever ingredients we have on hand.

photo_20200802 23.15.36.jpeg

For this really fantastic creation, we started with a cauliflower crust (one of our favorite pizza varieties of late!)), piled on multiple kinds of cheese including mozzarella and goat cheese, sprinkled on crunchy bacon crumbles, homemade candied jalapeños, crisp white onion rings, garden fresh green onions, and drizzled the whole thing with a creamy savory sauce.

The crowning achievement on each slice was a most unique topping - a perfect egg fried up on the rocket stove, nice firm egg white but hot runny yolk to sauce up the pizza with each hearty, drippy bite! A little scoop of red onion & jalapeño olive oil and a dusting of crushed red pepper finished this dank fried onion pizza.

IMAGE 20200802 23:16:31.jpg


You can't get this from Domino's!!

✨💫💛💫✨ Sara!

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