How to make a flash Sweet

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Contents 1 Flash 2 modus operandi Jarash Palmelbah 2.1 Ingredients 2.2 Method of preparation 3 modus operandi Jarash cream 3.1 Ingredients 3.2 Method of preparation Flash Player Glash is a kind of dough that comes to be mixed with different and varied fillings, which are a number of chips that grow up to become very high, and uses the gel in many cooks and sweets, according to fillings stuffed with it, can be filled with sweet fillings, and can be filled with salty meals such as meat Chopped and chicken. How to make a flash Ingredients Glash paste. Large tablespoon of obesity. Half a cup of nuts. For the mullahs : Cup only a quarter of sugar. One quarter cup of starch. Two cups of milk. Half a teaspoon of sour juice. For Qatar: A glass of sugar. Half a glass of water. Half a teaspoon of lemon juice. How to prepare Put both milk and starch on the fire, then move them quickly and continuously so that the mixture does not lump, and when it becomes heavy, remove it from the fire. After the melange is cooked, put it in a bowl, then put the sugar, egg yolk and vanilla on it, then pour it into a small bowl, then mix the ingredients together until smooth, and put them in the refrigerator. Separate the fillet paste on a large plate, then cut it with the size of the Chinese we will use. Put the first layer of glash chips, then put them in the pan and paint them with ghee. Put another chip in the Chinese, then pour it mixture of pudding and nuts. Put the remaining chips, then cut them with a knife for square pieces of equal size. Enter the Chinese oven at 180 ° C. We leave the Chinese for twenty to twenty-five minutes, with observation. When the color of the glacier becomes golden, remove it from the oven, then pour the drip until it is fully drunk. Place the gel in the serving dish. How to make gelash with cream Ingredients Eight chips of glash paste. A large cup of creamy beat. One quarter kilo of cooking cream. One hundred milliliters of heavy honey syrup. Half cup of ghee. How to prepare Separate the chips on a large plate and then cut them according to the size of a small circular tray while retaining the extra dough. Place four layers of glash chips in Chinese and then place each chip in vegetable ghee. Cut the extra dough into small pieces and spread it on the face and then put it in the ghee. Put the remaining chips and brown them with ghee. Cut the chips above each other into equal triangles. Turn on the oven at 170 ° C, then leave for half an hour until the color changes and becomes golden. After the gel is browned, remove the Chinese from the oven and mix it with honey immediately, then leave it aside until cool. Place the cream in a deep bowl, then whisk it well until it becomes thick, then beat the cream of cooking and add the mixture with each other. We cut the glach triangles where we cut each triangle into equal halves. Put the cream mixture in the desserts bag, and then wipe each triangle of triangles with cream. Place the gelatin pieces in the serving dish, and sprinkle them with nuts and pistachios.

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