Melons Food

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Melons Composition

healing process is so serious that when someone is struggling with health status and may not be good, it can feel very well whether or not his or her diet is melon. Watermelon, hive, cantulup, cranes, canaries, Santa Claus, Galia, Sherants, Kasba-stars, all the keys to the palace. Ask yourself how much yeast you had in the past year. It can be hard to understand, because perhaps you are using a plate here, a bite, often other food as well. For most people, the answer is that in the last 12 months, they only ate one watermelon.
This is a major loss. Why? The reason is made by melodies by God and the earth for us only. They are just one step ahead of meat, because the melons are predefined - that means watermelon meat is so acceptable that our digestive systems do not need to process it when entering the body, because it is so much more enzymes and some of the coenzyme. Science is invisible that strengthened by them. The fructose in the watermelon stomach leaves in less than a minute, then the rest of the fruit drops directly into the intestinal tract, immediately fortifying and replenishing the body. Eating watermelon is like getting intestinal nutrition therapy.
Biologically, each level, including melon, is exactly what our body needs. Melons essentially clean water balls. This highly active liquid is bound to all types of poison in the body, such as mold, macocytocin, viral neurotoxin, antigenated proteins toxic, ammonia gas and bacteria toxic bacteria, so that it can prevent lungs so that the immune system can recover itself. In addition, high-impact electrolyte content of the fruit helps protect against brain and other neurological stress-related strokes, aneurysms and embalism. Melon helps to prevent blood thins and heart attack risk, reduce heart disease and flexible problems, and reduce liver and kidney disease even if someone suffers from liver or kidney malfunction, melon may be the difference between life and death. Watermelon water is almost identical to our blood, and sodium, potassium and glucose are abundant and organic feeling, which makes watermelon in most hydrating meals that you can eat. This hydroelectricity is critical, it helps in reducing high blood pressure, among other benefits.
Watermelon is one of the most alkalizing foods. The highly biological and biological active trace minerals in the fruit are responsible for running more electrolytes than normal, which can be easily accessible by the body. Instead, the body's explosion processes increase, DDT, other insecticides, herbicide and heavy metals can be removed from the deep. Silica is a wonderful food for high, watermelon ligaments, joints, bone, tooth, connector tissue, and the recovery of tendons.

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