I had Pizza for #foodfightfriday

2년 전

Preparing my post pertaining to #fff, I felt particularly peckish. Perhaps pepperoni pizza pieces would pacify, I pondered. Or possibly pineapple pizza with parmesan.

Puzzled with my personal predicament, I proposed to my partner, she participated in partial pizza consumption. Perfectly pleased, my partner proceeded with preparing the prementioned pepperoni and pineapple pizza with parmesan, prior to parting them in to pieces.

Then we ate them 😁

They were pleasantly palatable and I praised my partners performance providing perfectly pleasurable pizza pieces.


Happy fffriday to all!

Until next time - Stay safe

~ Sivehead

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This is what makes #fff cool, people like you have a weekly spot to show off your writing. It’s a cooking tag but I’ve never clicked on your Friday post: ‘wonder what side’s cooking?’

Great entry once again.


It’s a cooking tag but I’ve never clicked on your Friday post: ‘wonder what side’s cooking?’

That's cool man... you know what not to expect from me aye. Haha. But what side's cooking would depend which sides facing the sun.

Thanks for poking your nose in @dandays. It's always a pleasure.


Chalk another one up to sive. I was just checking out @foodfightfriday’s contender post and clicked on yours again. I don’t know how I missed the sides/cooking sides/facing the sun the first time, laugh out loud!

Eh, I might be the only one on this whole platform who thinks you’re funny but if you ask me, that’s plenty! Keep up the good work. 👍🏿

edit hey! I forgot to... yeah, yeah, I know, there I go forgetting again, anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah! Congratulations on the vote bar slider thing! Big thumbs up!


Ah, yeah... the vote slider. Weeell, I kinda cheated there a bit. I borrowed some SP through minnowbooster. I got fed up seeing stuff I wanted to vote on, but not having the power.


I don’t know how it’s cheating or not cheating, I’ve seen several services offering SP loans. Either way, yeah, now you can vote more! Perfect.

This pizza look delicious


Oh yes... it definitely didn't disappoint.

Welcome to #fff @denissemata. It's good to see you here!


Thanks so much dear friend!

Possibly The Pest Post On PTEEMIP!!!! Thanks Panpays for psharing



😂😂🤣🤣That’s all I have got at the moment. 👍🏻👍🏻



😋. Pizza Party!