Maccy D Food Fight Friday - Round 22

2년 전

Back in the day when the TV only had 3 channels, the corner store sold 2 mojo's for a penny, and I was the coolest mini dude you ever laid eyes on, I was told that Old McDonald had a farm.


He certainly did alright for himself with that farm didn't he?

Well I think he did.


Jump forward several decades and here he is with a chain of fast food restaurants too. Personally at the time, back in the day, I didn't realise he was raising those animals so he could serve them up to us in burger roll, or a wrap. I mean… who knew?

But I wonder what ever happened to the ducks!

Food for thought I suppose!

Happy #fff folks

Until next time - Stay safe

~ Sivehead


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Good luck in Round 22 of
Food Fight Friday
May your contender survive and not be placed in a permanent food coma.

He used the duck eggs for egg McMuffins. Lol.
I see you sportin’ that FFF belt Gif...crap I forgot to put it on my FFF post, hold the F-ing Phone!!!


Me too, man alive...


me also, but at least I have an excuse, age and all


A prezzy for me... thank you so much, that's very kind of you Queen of the #fff kitchen. You have my full permission to have best new year ever. 😁


Yay!!! We shall proceed then :)

Yep, I used to love those French fries. Damn things never came with enough either. 🤦🏼‍♀️


Lol. I sometimes go large and there's still not enough.


I know your struggle 🤷🏼‍♀️

I look forward to your contenders on Fridays. The rest of the week, not so much, but Fridays.... oh man!!

Yeah, right! Always a pleasure seeing you @sivehead, here, there, anywhere—see ya soon!


Thanks @dandays... I write them just for you man.

Well, just you and the other Steemians that is. 👍

Thanks for stopping by and wasting your precious time on me dude. It truly is appreciated!

246,623,751,852 Which Rounds to 247 Billion Sold, I have to say I've accounted for a part of this total.
Doing some quick math while trying to come up with the average number of people alive over the past 65 year I came up with the following
Average population 1.5 billion that is just a guess
total burgers consumed 247 billion
after applying a little trigonometry
that equals 164 burgers per person
I may have woofed down just above the average.

Lets think about this another way.

We all know that fast food is not the most nutritious,
and most of use would not be truthful if we said we didn't consume at least the average.

I can see the average coming down in the future though.

What better way to bring down the average burgers/person then to have the population doubling at an unprecedented rate.
McDonalds won't even be able to keep up the pace.
Average burgers/man to high, PROBLEM SOLVED.
Boy, us humans can solve them all.😢😢😢


@jlsplatts @weirdheadaches You see this?? You’re a gangster Sweed!


He must have hyperactive thumbs just like you @dandays 😂


Ok that's fair... I'll confess to be about average, but not a bite more. Being British, I do prefer fish and chips but since they stopped wrapping them in old newspaper, they don't quite have the same flavour.

Thanks for taking notice of my post, and for the awesome comment @thebigsweed.


Nothing like some ink from the newspaper as an added spice.

The ducks got a pardon after his wife tried to buck one. We do not all get snow but happy #drylands

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