Rump! - food fight Friday

2년 전

@sivehead got on a plane,
He went to Spain again.
While he was there,
He sat on a chair.
A nice lady brought him this...


A Rump

That @sivehead dude,
He thought it was nice,
So before he left Spain,
He had it twice...


Had a slice of the second one before I remembered to take the photo. My bad, Sorry.

Happy #fff foodie crew!

~ Sivehead

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Good luck in Round 20 of
Food Fight Friday
May your contender survive and not be placed in a permanent food coma.

Kitchen just ain’t the same with you, @sivehead. The market is doing enough crashing, nice to know you’re not one of em.

Oh, and nice-nice entry-entry.


Kitchen just ain’t the same with you,

So is that why wifey keeps shouting "get out of the way!" Lol

Thanks for looking @dandays 👍


No, it’s cuz you’re in her way.

😂 that was real nice and even twice.


Well... I couldn't not have it twice with it being so nice! 😁

“Rump Roast”. Good to see you again my friend! It looks like your second plate is missing the onions :)


Thanks @puravidaville, it's good to be back.

Oh the onions are there... ah, were there, hiding under the chips. Or 'fries' if that's what you call them.


Those are definitely not “chips”.

Nice. Those chips look crunchy.

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Indeed they were. 👍

The meat and potatoes look so tasty! 🍟


I would most definitely have to say YES! They were very tasty.

A good meal deserves a second go around.