My latte art swan

3년 전


It's morning coffee time, and today I had made the latte art swan.


there is the few more photos.



Thank you!

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That's pretty good! :) You should do more...


thank you!
I will try next time


I'll stay tuned! :)

That reminds me that I still didn't have mine! :D


So, you need to hurry up and brew a cup! :)


Already had it... Much better now :D

Wow! That is a simple latte art swan but looks beautiful.


thank you!

  ·  3년 전

That's an empressive cuppa right there !

oh I would love to have such talent! But I think i m only for digital artst hahaha

Hi. Got this from a cafe in Taipei. LOL

2017-06-14 05.27.41.jpg



anyway simple but beauty art!

Nice! Good to see lots of old faces returning; one big happy Steem family! :-D



hello! :)
I'm never left the steemit, I was just shift to another graphene projects :)
Anyway, I do something for steemit as a part of our team.


Interesting, what was the project; can you tell, or is it a secret? :-)


Nice swan.


Thank you!

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It reminds me of this pokemon.

Nice Pour! i wish i could learn to do that, hehe!

Саша, у Вас прямо латте-блог. Как здорово получается! Я потрясена=))

Amazing :D Would love if you could check out my latest post :)