My latte art try: Pokemon Ball

3년 전

I'm again there with my latte art ideas and trying.

So today Is simple but stylish latte art for Pokemon fans. It's Pokemon Ball :)

I hope you still don't forget me.

And as usually the photos of the process, enjoy!

Best Regards,

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that's cool :)

Great Pokemon Ball you have there. You have a great skill.

Nice! looks yummy!

Wow looks so cool, I would feel bad drinking it and messing it up lol.

I'm sure it's not just me who likes it. Thank you already share. If there is a chance you, I want also you visit my post. Hope you like and like it. I am very grateful for friendship and steemit greetings

Very nice :) upvoted and followd.
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I hope you will leave a vote

It looks very good, I wish to do stuffs like that >o<
giphy (2).gif

haha nice

Wow this looks amazing, i upvoted :D Do you work at a coffee place? Also please check out my latest post :)

This is definelty not a try you must be hell of a barista ahaha


thanks, but I'm don't ever work a single day as barista :)


Hi @smailer I've written an article about you, Check it out if you can, thanks.

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Wooo! Interesting post and details!

Good to see you back on here!

Greetings know from me ... I'm late to make comments, but your post is very interesting to follow .. i pray you always given success.

That is awesome!
My kid would love that on a hot chocolate!


Very nice to see you back again! I will make a pot that includes the pig you bought for us soon!

Wait... whaaaaat? That's amazing!! How do you get the colour in there?
Definitely upvoted and followed 😁


make the microfoam, add few drops of food color, splash it to mix without big bubbles and pour a shape


Wow, that's awesome!! I wonder if any coffee shops in my area would get that right?? I highly doubt it 😣

this is amazing... real art

Wow thats looking great ^^

Serious skills! :D