Red claw creature latte art.

3년 전

Hi dears!

So long time I don't appear there.

But today I have a free time to make the new art in the cup.

Step by step how I made it from primitives to complete picture.

Thank you!

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what a food presentation..😃😃 thanks fo sharing..
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a very sweet crab :3

Welcome back!!! It's been a while

I thought there are boobs on the first foto ^)

Welcome back my friend , glad to see you again😀

a lobster latte, I love it.

Та це ж лангуст)))

hehe, Nice! Thanks for making me smile ;)

I already liked the first picture and thought it's complete :)
Welcome back! Funny thing: I found your comment on an old post from 1 year ago and you are still here :) I understand that one needs some break sometimes. Hope you stay and enjoy the platform!

Nice. Please check my video LATTE ART!!/v/samus3k/zjo2boz7

you've got much imagination hahaha

Really admire those who are good at latte art, I went for a barista workshop, it is difficult to even make a simple heart shape.

Awesome! It's funny :)

Very cut we like it :)
💗💗 Paix et amour, ☮ ✌ / 💗💗 Peace and love, ☮ ✌✨
🎁 CORDE-ialement, 🎀 ROPE-ly, 🎎 L&V 💑 #Lacher-Prise #LacherPrise 💐

Cool! On the first photo, I thought, what are you going to draw a goose)))) Two eyes and a beak) Finished picture I like a lot more. It would be fun to drink in the morning this coffee )

coffee that favors friends, welcome back comrades. glad you're back again.