Barometer of Burrometers




It's a burrito, and it's a meter long. It's a Burro-metro as it says on the menu.

I have been meaning to get one of these since my first Che Taco video posted here. They used to offer meals for a month if you can eat this monster in ten minutes.


Today, they would not let us order it with all one kind of filling because they would run short on meat. They were out of the giant-size tortillas too, but we still got the affect.


The only thing left to do after dinner was to head home and have an ice cold Homerbräu with the boys.


That was their first brew and having seen the brand, they had asked for it. They did not like the taste of beer and I am glad of that.

I hope they continue to love great Mexican and not beer.

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Wow is huge and surely delicious

that beer looks like those of the little girl

to have fun and try to eat all that delicious food


Que rico se ve, me abrió el apetito en este momento, seria bueno comerlo y observar alguna película de acción.

Hi @sponge-bob

I know a Venezuelan who is from Maracaibo that he only ate that donkey in 10 minutes.
I'm going to assume that dinner was great. and I hope you enjoyed it. Bon Appetite.

In Bahía Blanca, the city where I live we have places where we have pizza by the meter and bring all the varieties ever imagined; Even with banana and plum.
A single portion of this pizza variety makes you want to keep eating.

Many varieties are delicious and others did not dare to try them.

Regarding beer I keep a Heineken or Corona!

Nothing better in life than enjoying a delicious meal with dear people.


And they could eat it in 10 minutes? between at least 3 people if I think it is possible.


hahaha .... with some drink to pass through of course yes! I would tell you 3 or 4 people !!

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